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Why Clean My Bins ?

Did you know that your bin is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria?

Think for a moment what you actually deposit into your bin over the course of a week:


Food remnants, including meat – raw and cooked

Pet waste

Soiled nappies

Used tissues and other paper products

The contents of your vacuum cleaner

Non recyclable food packaging – Takeaway Cartons etc

Old newspapers and magazines where a recycling scheme is not in operation

Garden waste


……….the list goes on but may make you a little queasy! (Some of these items may be deposited in recycle bins if available)


Even when these items are bagged up, the residue from any leakages can collect at the bottom of your wheelie bin forming the perfect breeding ground for disease causing bacteria.


A dirty wheelie bin can attract rats, cause offensive odours, become infested with flies and rapidly become a health hazard right outside your home! It is therefore vital that your wheelie bin is kept clean!


You can have your bin cleaned for as little as £4.00 per wash.

Simply phone 028 9085 2724 or 07833 721600

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