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Waste Container Cleaning Solutions

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Householders are demanding higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Abbey Bin Cleaning pride ourselves on the level of service and investment in quality equipment used to perform the process. Wheelie bins are washed using our specially designed vehicle mounted bin washing system. The same principle is followed for both Commercial and Domestic customers.



Following the refuse collection and whilst still empty, the bin is lifted into the washing position by a hydraulic lift. This minimises the risk to the operator from handling such large & heavy items.


The inside of the bin is then jetted with water and a biodegradable sanitising agent from active 360 degree high pressure jet heads, each delivering 21 litres per min at up to 200 bar pressure. This is about 3 times more powerfull than your home jet wash.



This washing process meets the high standards set out by The Environment Agency for Prevention of Pollution from Wheelie Bin Cleaning.


Whilst the bin is being cleaned internally, the operator uses a hand held high pressure lance to clean the bin’s exterior, handles and lid areas.


The bin is then rinsed out within the washing unit and all waste water collected, filtered and re-cycled.


The bin is then lowered, wiped, and a biodegradeable liner added for extra protection. (Optional)


Finally, we add our special ingredient, the fragrance. This ensures your bin smells fresh and during the summer the citronela base also prevents flies. We then return your bin to your property and leave you with your receipt.


Any waste material collected from the bins during the cleaning process is bagged, tied up and returned to your bin.




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